Our Teachers

Serra Faculty

Fr. John de Paemelaere
Fr. John de PaemelaerePrincipal
Mike Alley
Mike AlleyCoach
Alvin Brown
Alvin BrownCoach
Fr. Mel Bucher
Fr. Mel BucherTeacher
2007 Letter to the Class of ’67 (PDF)
Retired, living at Mercy Center in Oakland
Fr. Eugene Burnett
Fr. Eugene BurnettTeacher
Retired, Oakland, CA
Fr. Angus Cooper
Fr. Angus CooperTeacher
Passed away 2010
(Obituary online here)
Fr. Columban (Michael) Dallmeier
Fr. Columban (Michael) DallmeierTeacher
Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside, CA
Fr. Vincent Fitzgerald
Fr. Vincent FitzgeraldTeacher
Passed away Sept. 17, 2013
(Obituary online here)
Sr. (Sheila Marie) Pat Gordon, FSPA
Sr. (Sheila Marie) Pat Gordon, FSPADean of Girls
Retired, Spokane, WA
(See picture/note here)
Leo GrosJacques
Leo GrosJacquesCoach
Passed away Feb. 4, 2014
(Obituary online here)
Fr. Lester Mitchell
Fr. Lester MitchellVice-principal and Dean of Boys
Passed away 2008
(Obituary online here)
Fr. Kenny Scott
Fr. Kenny ScottTeacher
Passed away May 25, 2010
(Obituary online here)

Sacred Heart Faculty


Sr. Mary Mark
Sr. Mary MarkSuperior
Sr. Margaret Meyers died in 1999.
Sr. Marian Paula
Sr. Marian PaulaPrincipal
Sr. Eileen Brown passed away in Sept 2016.
Sr. Stephen Mark
Sr. Stephen MarkTeacher
Sr. Kathleen Kircher, living in Oregon
Sr. Shawn Marie
Sr. Shawn MarieTeacher
Sr. Shawn Marie Barry died in 1995.
Sr. Anthony Claire
Sr. Anthony ClaireMusic Teacher
Now Sr. Jean Frolich. Very ill and living in a nursing home in Oregon.
Sr. Barbara Maria
Sr. Barbara MariaTeacher
Sr. Cecilia Shothoefer died in 2000.
Sr. Mary Lauranne
Sr. Mary LauranneMusic Teacher
Sr. Joan Hansen lives in Oregon.
Sr. Patricia Maria
Sr. Patricia MariaTeacher
Sr. Margaret Coyle died in 1988.
Sr.Ann Bertha
Sr.Ann BerthaTeacher
Sr. Bertha Fritz passed away in 2004.
Sr. Roberta Maureen
Sr. Roberta MaureenTeacher
Left the order in 1966.
Sr. Sheron Marie
Sr. Sheron MarieTeacher
Sr. Mary Sullivan is still living in The Dalles.
Sr. Ruth Margaret
Sr. Ruth MargaretTeacher, Librarian
Sr. Peggy Pillette is living in Oregon.
Sr. Mary Leoba
Sr. Mary LeobaTeacher
Sr. Lillie McKeown died in 1985
Sr. Mary Campion
Sr. Mary CampionTeacher
Sr. Patricia Larson, living in Spokane, Age 88.
Sr. Rose Veronica
Sr. Rose VeronicaTeacher & Previous Mother Superior
Sr. Rose Veronica Hastings died in 2002
Mrs. Ward Armstrong
Mrs. Ward ArmstrongTeacher