Thank you from our Teachers

Thank you from our Teachers

Your event was really beautifully done.  From the minute we arrived until the minute we left we felt so welcomed, honored and thanked.  How very kind of you to include the Sisters in virtually everything you did that evening.  From the clever buttons with our photos, to the photo boards and slide shows,to the hilarious entertainment by our emcee, John and friends, to the darling little trophies and the fabulous food, we felt like queens.  The Sisters had a truly lovely evening and they just don’t have that type of opportunity very often.  Please tell all of your committee how grateful we were.

It was obvious it was a labor of love. 

Adrianna Carr
Sisters of the Holy Name

August 14th, 2017|Post Reunion Comments, Thanks|

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  1. Super Admin August 14, 2017 at 5:24 pm - Reply

    Thank you Adrianna for your email and for all you did to bring the Sisters to our reunion dinner. We are relieved that all enjoyed the evening. Our hope was that the Sisters would have joined us for the group photo but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. When we returned to our seats, it was too late to even get their photo together as you were gone… Stuff happens but the evening generally went pretty well. We do want to say that the prayer from Sister Paulette and the words from Sister Hansen were very inspiring and well received. Anyhow, we are counting on our photographer’s catching you together sometime during the evening…
    We plan to send out a mailing in the near future once the photos are ready to view online and will include you in that mailing in case you and the Sisters want to view those.

    Please again extend our thanks to the Sisters for attending and send along all our prayers and best wishes. They were each such a positive and long lasting influence in our lives.

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