Our History Together

From 2008 to end of 2014, the Serra & Sacred Heart Legacy Alumni Committee (which included several alumni from the Class of 1967), published over 15 newsletters entitled “Connections”.  The purpose was to reach out to all alumni and help re-connect classmates across the years from both schools.  In 2011 and 2014, they helped organized “The Gathering” which brought together hundreds of classmates, families and friends.  Blanchet Catholic helped with their staff, faculty and student with these events and covered most of the cost of these efforts.

In 2008 and continuing into 2009, “Connections” ran a series on the history of both schools.  The story is a good read.

Click here to view the beginning of the history story which continues over several newsletter issues.

Newsletter Archives

We have included all the Connections newsletters here.  Click to view at your leisure.  You will need Adobe Reader (.pdf) to view.  We hope you enjoy.

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Vol 1 – Dec 2008  (not available)

Vol 2 – 2009

Vol 3 – Aug 2009

Vol 4 – Dec 2009 * History edition

Vol 5 – April 2010 * History edition

Vol 6 – Aug 2010 * History edition

Vol 7 – April 2011 * History edition

The Gathering – Aug 2011

Articles from Other Archives

Here are articles retrieved from various archives:

Serra’s First Graduating Class (All Boys) and Sacred Heart (the first All Girls Class) Celebrate at 10 Year Reunion.   (Thanks to Pat Deagen)

Serra Boy’s Launches New Club 

“I found this one interesting because of the club “to promote good will.” It also names girls working on dance routines and boys earning first year football letters. That was important because so many seniors did not play varsity football the previous year and they still came in 2nd in the conference.”  ~ Pat Deagen.

Example of Monthly School News – Sacred Heart  (Thanks to Pat Deagen)

Valedictorian Cousins – Virginia & Elaine Nelke  (Thanks to Pat Deagen)

Article about Sister Gerardine

An article I really enjoyed was this one about Sr. Gerardine. She taught at Serra when it first opened and then again in 1964-65. She was a holy terror. Her subjects were geometry and English. She assigned a great deal of homework, was exceedingly particular, did not smile much, and said we would thank her later in life. Most are still waiting. I recall her saying she only gave out 3 A’s in her teaching career.

Anyway what I found delightful is she found the sunshine! She got her birth name back which was Mary Rita Bos and got a new outfit. And she got to spend some time with her family in Spokane.

She is for many the most memorable teacher at Serra.  I did enjoy the play she directed “Dinny and the Witches.”  ~ Pat Deagen