One aspect of school we shared is academics. The Serra class had about 75. I suspect it was about 2 classes of boys and one class of girls. We had some mixed classes. I think they called one set of offerings college prep and one general.

In elementary school all classes were co ed. In Woodburn we had one class for each year. Serra used the term co institutional. Our girls and boys often had separate classes, and we had separate buildings where our lockers were located. Lunch was usually on the bleachers in the gym.

The enclosed document is a list of classes I completed each year. I do not recall all the teachers names. There were other classes offered and other teachers for those classes.

One distinct memory was after lunch in the 9th grade I went to my locker to get a book for the first class. Fr. Lester would come from the Friary and walk the distance of the school hallway. First he would pass the 9th graders then 10th graders up to the Seniors. He would look disdainfully at 9th graders. I recall him muttering “babies” as he passed us in the hall. He was tall and imposing. One of his statements was “the men of homeroom 101.” That was his homeroom of senior boys.

I am sending you this list of classes thinking it could go under Memories and teachers or a new sub category “classes.” I think it may trigger memories if we recall names of teachers or subject matter.

This is just an idea. Sometimes I think we overlook the significance of academics in our memories. You may share this with the planning committee. Pat