Good to hear from you! Yes, I’m finally retired after 34 years in the aerospace industry as a cost analyst/contract negotiator. My hubby and I moved from the Palos Verdes peninsula in the LA area to Prescott four years ago and totally love it here. We’re in the Central Highlands of AZ, at 6,000′ elevation, so fortunately it’s much cooler than southern AZ. Although we’re dealing with the Goodwin wildfire this week, and we have friends who were evacuated from the Walker area 6 miles from us yesterday, the wind is blowing the smoke and fire away from Prescott. We live on a ridge with an enormous ponderosa forest in front of us and 120 miles of canyons covered with chaparral behind us, so we’re always prepared to evacuate if it’s ever necessary to do so. So far so good though. ?

How are you and your family? Are you still living in Marin County? Retired? I certainly hope all is well with you.

Do the girls in our class still get together for lunches once in a while? I would love to join in sometime if I could get enough advance notice to clear my calendar and get airline tickets three weeks advance. My parents have passed away, but my older sister still lives near Salem and I visit her at least twice/year. Now that I’m retired, it’s much more feasible for me to join the lunch bunch if it’s still active. I would LOVE to see everyone!

We’re hosting our English friends in early August, so unfortunately I cannot attend the 50th class reunion. I wish I could reschedule their arrival, but they purchased their airline tickets back in early Feb. We’ve stayed in their vacation home in France and plan to stay in their home in Scotland next year, so it’s basically “pay-back time” and our turn to host them this summer, so I really cannot get around this schedule snafu.

Please tell everyone hi for me at the reunion. I’m sure it will be fun for all who are lucky enough to attend. My hat is off to the individual who set up the website. I was so sad though to read that Frs John, Angus, and Vincent, as well as a few classmates, have already passed away. Does anyone know anything about Fr Godfrey?

You’re welcome to share this email with anyone who cares to read it. My contact info is (310)720-4756, and if anyone wants to email me it’s

Take care and please stay in touch.


P. S. Tell Pat Deacon I’ve recently traded in my skis for a snowboard, but unfortunately am still dangerously uncoordinated and continue to careen down the slopes like a Kamikaze.