The teachers who taught our classes were motivated with a spirit despite low wages. I am grateful for their service and have compiled a list that others have helped to put together. There are more names, and I will add them if you let me know. Pat Deagen

Lists of teachers in our lives at Serra Catholic High School

Freshman year

Fr. Samuel Bigelow Algebra

Fr. Godfrey Bauer English

Fr. Eugene Burnett World History, Latin

Mr. Leo GrosJacques World History

Fr. Donald Durand Religion (St. Vincent’s parish)

Sr. Aquinas Algebra

Sophomore year

Sr. Gerardine Geometry, Speech and Dramatics

Mr. William Gieber Biology

Fr. Mel Bucher Latin

Ms. Helen Shepard English

Junior year

Fr. Dale Waddill Religion (St Vincent’s parish)

Sr. Georgette Chemistry

Fr. Randolph Doucette English

Mrs. Beryl Holt Algebra and Trigonometry

Fr. Vincent Fitzgerald Spanish, Religion

Sr Raphaelita Art, Home Ec

Senior year

Fr. Angus Cooper Physics, Math

Mrs. Charlotte Hook English

Fr. John De Paemelaere Religion

Sr. Sheila Marie English

Mrs. Green (current events)

Fr. Lester Mitchell Modern Problems

other teachers at school who may have advised clubs or taught other classes.

Fr. Kenny Scott, Fr Joseph Sonntag


John de Paemelaere Principal

Lester Mitchell vice principal, disciplinarian

Coaches Mr Leo Grosjacques, Mr. Alva Brown, Mr. William Gieber, Mr. Mike Alley